List of Top Online Video Sharing Websites

Do you have excellent content to share with the public and looking for the video-sharing platform? Don’t worry! Here I am going to make a list of top online video sharing websites. Continue your reading to get an overall idea. 

Top Online Video Sharing Website

With a more dependable and high-speed internet connection, now a day’s video-sharing websites become famous day by day. Today, people can easily make videos. And there is a massive demand for video because people consume online content for their article and to learn from the video. The need for video is increasing day by day. 

You can find almost 100 platforms on the web to share your video. But all of these platforms are not free at all. Among the open platform, all are not good enough because all of them cannot engage your targeted audience for your video. 

By keeping all of this in my mind here for you, I try to make a list of top online video sharing website. I have pulled up a list of the top 20 best platforms for sharing your videos. Where you can easily build up your audience, and you can also do a successful business. 

Obviously, the following website will be the best free website for you to share your content. Please take a view on the following list. 

1. YouTube

We already know that YouTube is one of the best video sharing platforms. No doubt that it is the number 1 most popular platform among people. Actually, it is one of the great online sites that are popular than TV. 


  • For your content here, you can get both audience and well engagement. This is the 1st site which comes first in peoples mind to share their content. 
  • You will get 55% of the ad-generated revenue, which served through Google AdSense. 
  • Your video will have the chance to become viral. 
  • You can easily track your video performance. 


  • But they have stringent rules and regulations, especially the copyright issues. Such as YouTube forbid its users to upload explicit, duplicate, and 3rd party content without the permission of owners. 
  • You can upload a video within 15 minutes to 12 hours. 
  • You may lose your targeted traffic. Because by sharing your video on YouTube, basically, you send your audience to a 3rd party site as opposed to your website. That means YouTube will be more visible rather than your website. 
  • Your video may get huge negative comments and also may have the chance to become trolled negatively, which may cause you to reduce your channel subscriptions. 
  • You may have limited control over your video rather than your site. 

So if you have trouble in uploading your file, you can share it with another site of video sharing. So let’s have a look at other video sharing platforms. 

2. Metacafe

It is a free website for sharing videos. Here you can upload millions of short videos. 


  • One specialty of this website is that it has a ranking algorithm that ensures that the videos that uploaded maintain high quality. 
  • filter mechanism of this website is not good 
  • One of the significant advantages of this site is that it will pay for your video. If your video hits almost 20000 views, this site will pay $5 for every 100 views. Actually, these rules become the right motivation for people that influence them to make a high-quality cool video. 
  • Monthly viewers of this site are almost 12,500,000.


  • This site takes a long time to load 
  • Its buffering speed is not good enough. 
  • It is not a family-friendly site, because different adult videos and irrelevant videos come up on display at any time. 
  • This site cannot allow making your private video. 
  • You could have trouble playing videos on your Android phone. 
  • It has a useless feature that is ‘Report Video.’

3. Vimeo

This site will offer the best service to your audience. Vimeo has 1,30,000,000 monthly audience. It is a 1st growing video sharing platform. Where you can get a huge number of serious traffic for your content. 

If you do video editing professionally and also want to sell your video, then Vimeo pro and plus accounts will suit you perfectly.


  • The features of this website have no advertisement. 
  • Here you can upload HD type video. 
  • And on their free plan per week, you can upload a maximum of 500MB. 
  • By the model ‘Video-on-demand’, you can focus on your earning. Through your videos, you can get 90% of revenues. 
  • The pricing system of this website are
  • Vimeo Plus – $84/yr
  • Vimeo Pro – $240/yr
  • Vimeo Business – 600/yr
  • Vimeo Premium – $900/yr
  • Vimeo supports the following video formats 
  • MOV
  • MPEG4 
  • MP4
  • AVI
  • WMV
  • FLV
  • 3 GPP
  • WebM


  • This site is only available for Vimeo basic free users and pro users. 
  • Compare with YouTube, Vimeo has a lower number of views. 

4. Facebook Watch

We already know that Facebook is one of the largest platforms of social media. Basically, it is a home of a large number of video content that is generated by its users, creators, and different brand pages. Actually, Facebook watch recently introduce a video sharing platform to compete with YouTube. 


  • With a highly personalized feed, you can witness the latest videos that are uploaded by your favorite Facebook pages and creators. 
  • Besides managing subscriptions, you will get access to Facebook Creator Studio to help them moderate and publish original video content.
  • Support 360-degree videos
  • You can monetize your video
  • You can upload your video within 240 minutes
  • You will get a 55% ad-generated revenue. 


· It has a watch limitation people can watch this site across 50+ countries in the whole world. Which is limited. 

5. Daily motion

Basically, it is a French website for video sharing. This site allows its users to upload, view, and browse videos by searching tags, channels, categories, or groups that are created by its users. It has a monthly 100,000,000 visitors.  


  • It offers a wide range of video content. From serious political issues to funny animal videos. 
  • It is a good alternative to YouTube
  • It is a free account to share video content
  • Flexible revenue sharing model
  • 70% share of the revenue
  • Best site to share your video for promotional and marketing purposes. 


  • Video Limit is up to 2GB and 60 minutes. 
  • Upload quality for regular users is limit up to 1280*720. 
  • Video length limits up to 100 minutes. 

6. Twitch

If you have content on the game, this will be the perfect place for you to share your video. Because it provides a video game streaming service. Usually, people visit this website to broadcast themselves for playing games or just talking about games. Some other users also come here to watch games either via archived footage or live. It has monthly 1,00,000,000 visitors. 


  • I can chat with another player.
  • You will also join different gaming communities. 
  • You can easily remove your add by subscribing to Turbo.
  • It supports to record video content in the format of MP4. 
  • Free platform for video sharing.
  • You can stream your games with the maximum bitrate of 3500. 
  • It has 11,000 partners of the content creator in its network.
  • Through the premium account of this site, you can view all the videos and streams without advertising. The premium price is $8.99/mo. 
  • To become their partner, you will need 1,00,000+ subscribers and 1500+ views on each of your videos. 


· It has a complicated system for broadcasting

7. LiveLeak

Actually, it is a video sharing website that is UK-based. Basically, this site is oriented toward war, different world events, and politics. 


  • You can share any video that does not violate their website policy.
  • It has monthly 45,000,000 visitors
  • Its account type is free.
  • You must have sufficient news value or background information in your video. 


· Biased Site, they will only allow your video if you maintain their rules.

8. Veoh

Basically, it is an Internet-based television service. However, this site actually hosts studio content, user-generated materials, and independent productions. 


  • You can upload any length of video content
  • You can easily embed your video on your blog or site. 
  • It accepts 100 of different format videos.
  • Can upload both short and long length videos
  • They have an extensive community, where you can easily participate.
  • It’s a free account
  • Here you can find 15,000,000 visitors on a monthly basis. 
  • You will able to keep touch in with other people
  • Here you can also rate your favorite videos
  • You can easily leave a comment for any video and also could discuss the videos in the forum and channel. 


· If your targeted audience is from the following countries you should not share your video because they blocked their stream for the following countries, that are

Asia, Africa, Central America, Portion of Europe and South America. 

9. Break

It is one of the popular websites for video sharing. However, this site is known for funny clips, videos, and pictures. 


You can upload your videos in three ways

From Cellphone

Via Email

Right from the side page

  • It’s a free account
  • You can have monthly 14,000,000 visitors for your content 
  • You will also upload any photo album in BMP, JPG, and PNG formats.


  • Only accept major video formats like AVI, MPG, WMV, and MOV. 
  • Video cannot be longer than 60MB.

10.Drop Shot

This site is basically a family-friendly site. Here you can share any memory of your family. 


· Can upload videos and photos with friends and family


· cannot share your videos for business purpose

11.Our Media

Basically, this website is known as ‘global home for grassroots media.’ 


  • Here you can share video with social issues
  • You can target your interested audiences 


· It has a restriction on content topics. 

12. IGTV by Instagram

This site is recently announced by Instagram 


  • Here you can upload a long-form of video content that must be in portrait format. 
  • It can use IGTV through a direct standalone app or Instagram app.
  • This site also supports MP4 video formate


  • Only use through smartphone
  • Don’t have any monetization plan for content creators.
  • Short length video uploading options (10 minutes) 
  • No revenue sharing
  • Don’t have any pricing or premium plan

13. Periscope

Basically, it is an app that uses for sharing live streaming. Twitter is the owner of this app.


· You can share a video on a social event or unravel a story

· Can stream your live video content from a smartphone

· Can host both private and public live streaming

· You can get 70% revenue. 

· Video quality limited to 4,000 kbps bitrate and almost 30 fps frame rates.

· Engage more users


· Should apply for your monetization

· Have no financial reward

14. LBRY


  • Free from corporate monopoly
  • Creators may have complete control over their content
  • Can set a price with your own choice
  • Have a chance to get free tips from viewers
  • No time limit for video uploading
  • Creators get 100% revenue


· Only publishers can delete and modify your content

· No set payment

15. Byte

It is a platform where users can upload a video that is 6 seconds long. And which can be seen through TikTok? TikTok is one of the leading platforms for share video. Currently, it is one of the favorite platforms for video sharing users. This new app Byte adds to the video-sharing platform in the spring of 2019. Its features are still developed. So you need to wait for some days to get full service of its. 

Hopefully, my review about the above top online video sharing website will help you to find your appropriate website in which you can share your video content. Which one from the above website is your all-time favorite or you like the most? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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