Email Marketing Tips and Techniques to Increase Sales

Sales are God for business. If there are no sales, any business cannot exist. That means Sales bring business to your company. How will you increase sales? Companies use different media to promote their products like Television media, social media, SEO, Internet banners, Catalogs, etc. What brings more sales to your business is email marketing.

Yes, you heard it right. It’s email marketing. Email Marketing is a trending marketing tool that can boost up your sales by up to 40%. So, is that sending emails about a product to your clients is email marketing? How you can do it? How it will increase your sales ratio?

Well, today’s article is all about that. We are here to let you know about email marketing and we will share some tips that will help you to increase sales.

Let’s jump into it.

What is Email marketing?

Let’s not go through any theoretical definition. In a simple way, Email Marketing is a process of sending promotional emails of a product to a customer or client. It is a good way of creating a good relationship with your customer.

If you are not still clear then check your spam inbox in your email. You will get hundreds of emails which will give you an idea of different products. This is email marketing. 

Email marketing has become something bad to the customers because there are some businesses that don’t have proper idea about email marketing and continuously send emails to their clients. It annoys your customer and it will drive them away. 

If you send emails to your customer in a proper way, it will help you to bring them to your company and increase your sales. Studies show that email marketing boost up sales up to $40 on every $1 spent. 

Email marketing is basically a process to make your customers informed about your business.

Email marketing brings sales?

If you are still thinking about why you should do email marketing then we must say, there are certain reasons behind it. It can bring more sales to your business than social media marketing. We have pinned some of the key points that will showcase the importance of email marketing in your business. 

  • Approximately 90% of internet users check their emails once in a day.
  • Email marketing will bring sales up to $40 on every $1 spent. 
  • A Proper email that promotes your product has an influence on a customer’s purchase decisions.
  • Last but not least, email marketing conversion rate is above 2% whereas the social media conversion rate is only 1%

So, you can see how email marketing plays a vital role in your business. It helps you to bring sales and make more money.

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is one of the most successful ways of marketing on the internet. It is the most reliable and straightforward way so far. The power of Email marketing is phenomenal. 

Those who are reading this article might try email marketing before and fail. Maybe you are reading and laughing at me and saying what lame things I am saying to you.

If you stop reading this content here, you will miss whatever I am going to tell you now. 

I will share some real-time proven email marketing tips that will definitely bring more sales to your business. I have been experimenting with these tips for a long time and these are some tips and tricks that work well for me and hopefully work well for you as well.

Identify your Target Audience

While you are doing business, two things you definitely need to know. The first thing is to know your business and secondly identify and understand your audience.

Suppose, you are doing business in the fitness industry. You must have a clear idea about this industry. Secondly, you need to know who will be your customers.

In email marketing, identifying your target audience is very important. Every person on your subscriber list will be different. There might be age difference, geographical difference, cultural difference, even their interests might be different. If you don’t know who your customers are, and what is their point of interests you can not bring more business. 

Suppose you have a website related to fitness. Maybe you have 1000 subscribers on your list. The mentality of these 1000 people is completely different. Some of them might like weightlifting, some might like yoga, martial arts, boxing, etc. 

What you can do is to ask their point of interest and make a list based on that. Send them those emails according to their interests. It will help you to bring more sales. Because your audience are receiving emails that they are interested in. 

Create a database

Creating a database for your subscriber’s email is very important. Create a database where you will write down your subscriber’s name, age, birthdate, point of interest, etc.

This database will help you to send specific emails to your customer. It will also help you to create a long term relationship with them.

Suppose, you send an email to your customer about a free giveaway for his/her birthday. When he will see this email he will definitely grab the opportunity. I mean who does not love gifts? Right?

It will help you to create a relationship with him/her. From next time he/she won’t miss any of your emails. 

Be consistent

Yes, I know this is what you called spamming. But there is no other way to grab your customers without sending them emails on a regular basis. Maybe he won’t read your first ten emails but maybe your eleventh email can influence him for purchase.

I am not asking you to send emails every day. What I am asking you to have consistency. 

Like you can send an email every week, or every month. Make sure that you are aware of the time and date.

Keep your emails short and simple

Nobody wants to read long stories. If you send a very long email none of your customers will read it. Keep it short, simple, and specific. Don’t write unnecessary things that can bother your customers.

Let’s say you are promoting a product. Write about the product, it’s features, why it is appropriate for them, price, etc. Don’t write anything cheesy that might drive them away.

Personalize your email

This is very important. Don’t send emails in general. Everyone wants attention. If you send your customers a general email, there is a huge possibility that the email might get ignored. Whereas, if you send an email to your customer with their name, it shows that you care about your customer and there is a chance that they might purchase a product from you.

Eye-catching Subject

When you receive an email, what is the first thing you notice? Yes, the headline or the subject of that email. studies show that email marketing success depends on the subject of your email. If you can create eye-catchy headlines, it will boost up your sales. If you follow other email marketers you will see that you click on the emails based on how interesting the subject is.

Say, for example, I have subscribed to many youtube channels. Last night I received an email newsletter from one of them with a subject line “What to do when they say no?” When I see this email I checked that and found some interesting ways to deal with my customers and enroll in a paid online course conducted by the YouTuber. This is called the power of the eye-catching subject.

Landing Page is a must

When you are selling a product, make sure you have a separate landing page for that specific product. Don’t make any campaigns on your website. It will distract your customers and they might drive away from you.

When you will have a specific landing page for that particular campaign, your customer will understand that you are focused, understand what they are looking for, and most importantly you care about them. So, landing page is very important.

Focus on readability

When we look for something online, what we do is to go through the content. What I want to say is to keep more and more white space on your content. Always try to use more space between the lines. 

If you write content like a paragraph, no one will read it.  But if you use proper space, it will enhance the readability of your content and your customer will easily find what they are looking for. 

Use successful emails

I think this is the best trick ever. In marketing, you need to do lots of experiments. Send different emails to your customers constantly. When someone purchases a product, use this email to a new customer to increase sales. 

Bottom line

These email marketing tips are the gems that can increase your sales. While you are reading the content, it might look simple and you might think these are useless. But trust me when you use these tips and get positive results, I can assure you that you will enjoy your business growth. 

Here, I have shared some tips that are completely real-time proven tips and tricks. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the content. Feel free to comment if you have any queries or if you have any email marketing tips that you want to share with us. I will surely include that in my next content. 

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