How to Choose a Unique and Perfect Domain Name for Your Website & Business

A domain name has a significant role in the ranking of your website on the search engine. A domain name can represent your business and can be a brand. Even it carries the same types of importance while choosing a company name for an offline business. Basically, the domain name is your company name.

So to get a perfect name for your business, you should have the right choice while picking a domain name. There is nothing to say that, big companies become a brand for their nice, easy and perfect name. For online company holders, this plays a crucial role in converting and getting traffic easily through an eye-catching domain name.

Don’t worry. This is not a hard task at all. It’s pretty much easy to pick a brandable domain name. Just you need to give effort and creative ideas. Try out the following tips that will help you choose your desired company name easily.

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Search for Keyword

First, you should decide what type of company you wish to have. After that, find keywords related to your business idea. You can search for it on Google Adwords, MOZ, Keyword Revealer, Kwfinder, Ahrefs, and so many keyword squeezer websites as you want.

This will help you get more specific and effective ideas. At the same time, you can learn what people look for and what are their demands. From these keywords, take a short spelling, easy to remember and brandy name.

Choose a Short, Easily Pronounceable Name

The keyword you select for your business name should be as short as possible. So that it will be easy to remember for your customer or visitor. It should be easily pronounceable and correctly spelled.

Misspell words are avoidable as they can push your traffic to another website. Most people who will become your customer may type this name. So if it is short and correct spelled, you will get your customer back.

Try to Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

In your domain name, it is not expected that it contains a hyphen or a number. For example,” domain-name” or “domain2name” should be avoided. If your customer forgets to type the hyphen or number, they can lose you.

On the other hand, you may need to purchase the correctly spelled domain name at a very high cost in the future.

For example, “” a popular newspaper website recently have purchased “” at a very high cost. Moreover, they need to redirect their previous traffic to “” this domain. Isn’t it a burden?

Search for a Unique Name

A unique name is always a brand name. Search for unique names. You can add a suffix or prefix with your keyword to make it unique. Choosing a domain name that is very similar to a popular brand is not wise.

As people already know about that brand. They will rarely believe in your new company. So, this is wise thinking to pick a unique domain name.

Get the Help of a Domain Selection Tool

After having a rough idea, you can get the help of a domain selection tool for extracting the suitable name. You can use Namemesh, BustAName, NameBoy, Domize, Wordoid, DomainsBot, NameTumbler, Panabee, Namestation, etc and so on.

Godaddy, a domain and hosting Provider Company, has a feature for selection of domain names. These tools help you get the perfect domain name easily.

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Try to Take Suitable Extensions/TLDs

There are so many domain name extensions you will find. But you should select the appropriate one relating to your business type/website category. Very popular and commonly used extensions are —
.com – Very well-known TLD. Used for brand website and companies.

.net – Used for technical or internet related websites.

.org – Used for nonprofit and non-commercial organizations.

.info – Used for informational websites.

.co – A common TLD for companies.

.biz – A perfect extension for business, commercial organizations.

.site – Can be used for business websites.

.me – Used for personal informational websites.

.us – Country extension for the USA.

.uk – Country extension for UK.

.bd – Country extension for Bangladesh.

Choose the right one for your website as you wish. You can also use other extensions to get your desired name when you cannot find them in these extensions available.

Avoid direct SEO keywords

It is not well to use direct SEO keywords. As it will impact on your ranking factor. Google find websites having direct keywords optimized. As a result, your website will acquire a penalty from Google. Other than direct keywords, use relevant short, brandy names. Just think like or

They both do not have the exact meaning. But they become No 1 brand in the world for their unique, short and perfect name. For example – instead of “”, you can choose “” or “” etc.


A website is a place like a real state, as you will operate your business here. So, to pick a perfect website for your business, the first step is to select an appropriate domain name. I think these tips will help you to search and get a beautiful, suitable domain name for your website.

While searching the name on different domain name provider, you should take decisions quickly and carefully. As domain names are sold too rapidly and you can lose your selected name. So buy your brand before anyone picks it.

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