How to Manage all WordPress Websites from one Dashboard

But it is my way of living so, I need to find out a way so that I can manage all of the websites from one dashboard. 

As a blogger, I have multiple websites and sometimes it became difficult to manage all the websites alone. It is very time-consuming to manage all the websites and keeps them updated.

Then I started to research and came up with a solution. That is my problem of managing all my websites from one dashboard is possible with a WordPress Management tool.

By using these tools anyone can manage your websites and keep the plugins updated. Besides, it saves a lot of time so that you can focus on your work.

In this article, I will discuss those nine amazing tools that help to manage all WordPress websites. I need to mention that, most of my contents on this website are based on my personal experiences.

I have researched and used different tools and then I sort out the best one to share with you. So, you can try this out because you have access to real-life user experience for these tools. 

What is a WordPress Management Tool

A WordPress Management tool is such a plugin which will help you to manage all of your WordPress websites from one place. While you are using this tool you can easily monitor your theme and plugins and update them.

However, It also takes a backup of your websites and stores it on an offsite location. No Matter what if you are an individual, small or large business organization, it will surely help you to manage all of your sites and ensures all your websites functioning properly.

Best WordPress Management tool You Should Use

I have researched and personally used some tools and found out nine amazing tools that will help you to manage all your WordPress websites. I will mention the free and premium version for you. Check out the details below.

Manage WP

It is an amazing WordPress Management Tool. Free and Premium both versions are available. All the major features of Premium versions are also available in the free one. But Some additional features have been added in the premium version.

The most interesting part of this plugin is, it has a flexible pricing plan for its clients. That means you need to pay for the features you are using. Isn’t it great? I think so.


  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Real-Time Backup facility
  • Performance checking facility


This is another great plugin for WordPress management. The free version of this plugin has come up with limited features. I would recommend using the premium one if you want to use it. 

InfiniteWP dashboard will give you a detail view for your website. You just need to move your cursor to the website’s name and it will show you each and every detail like backup, update, and so on.


  • Master Login
  • One-Click Update
  • Instant Backup & Restore

WP Remote

If you are looking for something that is completely free, then you are in the right place. I am adding this plugin here because some of you might have started your business with low investments and maybe you don’t have that much cash flow for your business. Though it is a free version it has all the features that a premium version has.

WP Remote interface is really user-friendly. With this plugin, you can monitor unlimited WordPress websites for free. I would highly recommend you to use it if you are on a budget. You should definitely try this out.


  • One-click update
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Performance Checking Facility

iThemes Sync

If you are looking for a great plugin for your website, this is the one. I have used it and I would highly recommend this plugin to all of you.

It has both a free and premium version. The free version has some limitations. You can add only 10 websites and it only allows you to manage websites and installing themes.

When you will use the paid version, it will unlock lots of amazing features like uptime monitoring, client reports, user management, security, and lots more. 


  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Install theme manually
  • Manage Unlimited Websites.


All of you might hear about the Jetpack plugin. It is a powerful plugin and you can manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. You just need a account to use it.

The reason is, it will create a connection between and your server and you will be using dashboard manage all of your websites. It has both free and paid version available. The paid version will cost around $39/Year.


  • Downtime Monitoring
  • Automated Backup
  • Malware Scanning


iControlWP is a powerful WordPress management tool. It has come up with lots of features and it will definitely reduce your time and you can do your other works more efficiently.

If you start to use this plugin, I can guarantee you that you will be tension free and monitor all of your websites with this single plugin. Moreover, iControlWP will give you a free trial to see how the services work and do it fit for you or not. 


  • Manage Security, plugins, themes
  • Automated Daily Backup

WP Buffs

WP Buffs is an amazing plugin and it is different from the rest of the plugins I have discussed. It will manage all of your websites and it will provide you a 24/7 customer support. It will handle performance, security, database maintenance of your website and will deliver a weekly report to you.


  • Give customers access to premium plugins
  • 24/7 friendly customer support

CMS Commander

We all know that time is money. If you manage your websites one by one, it will take a lot of time. Right?

CMS Commander is such a plugin that has come up with a solution to manage all your websites in bulk and reduce the maintenance time. You just need to add all of your WordPress websites here and then forget everything. CMS Commander will do the rest. 


  • Intuitive interface
  • You can add up to 5 websites for free

Main WP

Main WP is a free, flexible, open-source WordPress Management Tool. It has come up with lots of powerful features. It helps keep your websites secure. Here, you will get all the premium services for free and keep your website secure from online threats.


  • Customized and premium multiple website management experience
  • One-click access to admin panels

Which one I should use?

I hope all of you have read the article very carefully. Some of you have already decided which one you will be using for your website and some of you are still confused and looking for my opinion. Well, this part is for you guys. 

If you ask me which WordPress Management tool you should use for your website, I would say it depends on you and your business. You might be a blogger, or a freelancer, or a businessman.

The number of websites you have is also matters. So, it will vary. I will recommend some of the plugins from the above discussions, you might try those plugins for your business.

If you are a blogger, you should go for Manage WP plugin. You can manage up to 5 websites. The standard license will cost you $48 annually.

On the other hand, if you are a content curator and you are managing several websites, I would recommend you to use CMS Commander. While you are having a large business, you should go for iControl WP. the plugin is simply amazing and appropriate for large business companies.

However, if you have not enough budget and looking for a free version that will give you the features of a premium version, I would recommend you to go for WP Remote. 

These are my recommendations according to my experience. But you can also try the rest of the plugins I have mentioned on the above.

Final Words

As I have already said, time is money. Managing all of your websites one by one is a time-consuming task. Some of them have outsourced this task as they spent most of their valuable time here. 

I have covered some amazing WordPress management tools that are really effective and I have used all of them. I have recommended some of the tools but it may vary according to your job.

So, read the article and use the plugin you want to use. All of them are good. I hope that you will be able to identify the best plugin for you from the above one. Feel free to share your experience with me while you are using these tools for managing your websites.

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