Tips for Creating a Paperless Office

We are heading towards a digital era. Since we have started using computers in our workspace, the use of papers has started to reduce. 

However, using a paperless office has a great impact on our environment as well. We will not need to cut off trees. 

Besides, a paperless office will have a lot more space. We don’t need to have big file cabinets, printers, photocopy machines, or fax machines in our workspace.

There are hundreds of tools and technologies are available for creating a paperless workstation.

Though we can store our information in our server or cloud storage, there are many people who still love to keep paper on their desk. 

They still feel the need of hard copies of any information.

It might be a good backup plan. But it is better if you motivate your employees to keep pace with the digital world.

Here, we have listed some tips, that will help you to encourage your employees to create a paperless office.

Use proper Tools and Training

According to human nature, we can not easily adapt to new technologies so easily. We do not want to get out of our comfort zone and try something new.

As we are habituated with paperwork, it will be a daunting task for an entrepreneur or a team leader to make their employees habituated with a paperless office.

That is why you should provide proper tools and training to your employees. There are hundreds of tools that can make your work easier. Besides, you should provide live training and written guidelines to your employees so that they can easily cope up with the new tools.

Make the Working Process Easier

As a team leader, it is your duty to make the working process easier for your employees. With the blessings of technology, we can do everything at our fingertips.

You just need to choose the appropriate tools that can save time, and make your employees more efficient. 

Adding digital file storage, and retrieve facilities, communication tools, easy scheduling, using accounting software, etc. will make your working process easier and smoother.

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No more Printers or Copiers

If you want to create a paperless office, you need to remove printers from all the desktop and add one or two centralized printers in your workspace. Adding username and password will make it more secure.

When you add a centralized printer, people will use it whenever it is necessary. It will reduce paper and ink costs as well.

Introduce a Digital Filing System

As you have decided to create a paperless office, so it is high time to introduce a digital filing system in your workspace. When you introduce a digital filing system, it will help you to remove the file cabinets from your office.

There are several Digital filing system software in the market. Most of them are paid and have great features. Most of them have a cloud storage feature that enables you to access your documents wherever you are.

Some of the most popular digital filing software are:

  • FileHold Express
  • M-files
  • eFileCabinet

Use Online Fax Services

Fax is the most secure method of business communication. There are many businesses that still use fax machines. As you are converting your workspace into a digital workstation, you can replace your fax machines with an online fax service.

Online fax and email are quite similar. Even the online fax service is easier. It will reduce the use of paper in your office.

There are so many online fax services are available nowadays. eFax is one of the top online fax services in 2020. It has come up with some interesting features for its users.

Bottom Line

Creating a paperless office is not that easy. But it will make your work easier when you will do it. It will save a lot of time. Your employees will become more efficient.

You can not create a paperless office in a day. You can set a goal to create it. Firstly you can set a goal that you will reduce around 50% consumption of papers in three months. If you can successfully reduce it, then target for 80% reduction in the consumption of papers. 80% would be a realistic goal. Try it and take decisions accordingly.

As you know we are suffering from a pandemic situation right now. It is high time we should create a paperless workspace and do our tasks no matter wherever we are.

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