The Best Cheap Web Hosting Service Providers

Before making an honest review of the best cheap web hosting providers, I wanna explain to you what is web hosting?

I have noticed that beginners some time does not have an exact idea about web hosting. Many time they become confused with the term domain and hosting. So it is important for you to clearly understand all about web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Basically, web hosting is a service which we can use to store the data of the website and publish the website online and make it accessible and visible to your website users or visitors around the world. The data of your website like images, codes, files, etc. are kept on hosting provider’s server.

Simply for better understanding, imagine your website as a home. You know, every home has two compulsory identification characteristics, a name and a piece of land.

So think your domain name as the name of your home and the hosting as the land on which your home is built and stand on. Is it clear?

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Each and every website to be live on the internet must have a domain name and web hosting. The size of the website does not matter.

Usually, hosting is a section of a server. And your website’s information and data are stored on that server. If you buy only a domain name and ask your visitors to go there but you don’t have a web hosting, your visitor will find nothing.

It means that to make your website accessible to your visitor’s, you must have a web hosting where you should host your website.

What is a Cheap Web Hosting?

Web hosting is provided by many companies you will find on the web. Each company has their own pricing plan. Some costs less and some costs more. Those hosting cost comparatively less are known to be cheap web hosting.

Why Choose Cheap Web Hosting?

Beginners who are new to the world of internet, want to make a website with less cost can pick a cheap web hosting that can be affordable. As a beginner, investing in building a website having the uncertainty of his income, cheap web hosting may reduce their risk of loss.

Many people build an informative website without any purpose of income, also can buy a cheap web hosting to lessen their costs.

Does Cheap Web Hosting Provide Good Services?

Not surely every cheap thing is bad and useless. Becoming a cheap hosting is not always low quality. Some companies provide a good quality hosting at a cheaper rate for beginners. This offer is not provided by all web hosting companies.

You will find only a few of them. All cheap web hosts are not good at all. Some may have a low data transfer rate and low file storage capacity. Other providers can make a good segment of each service at an affordable price.

The difference with high rated hosting plan and the cheaper hosting plan is that high rated one will provide you VPS and dedicated hosting facility, where the cheaper plan will give you a shared plan.

A shared plan must not mean that others can get access to your files and data, it is only just you are sharing a server but keeping your files securely separated.

Keep in mind that the type of web host you should select totally depends on your budget and your plan of how and why you will use it.

If you are much unknown to the web host, I am gonna make it easy to choose a cheap web host for you.

Here I am going to review those companies having an excellent discount price and good offer on selling web hosting which may help a new website builder to build his website at the affordable cost.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Providers

After searching a lot, I have found the following companies that have excellent pricing plan on hosting websites for beginners.

A2 Hosting

Maybe already you didn’t hear about A2 Hosting. It’s a shame! You will be wondered to hear that they are providing such speed which is 20x faster than other web hostings out there.

  • They provide excellent 24/7 customer care support through Phone Call, Live Chat and Email.
  • Any time money-back guarantee.
  • They ensure 99.99% uptime commitment.
  • Free account migration is available.
  • Ultrafast hosting experience with turbo services

Unlimited space, bandwidth and email accounts from under $4/month. Experience the ultra-reliable service and 24/7/365 support available at A2 Hosting today!

1&1 Ionos Web Hosting

1&1 has the cheapest rate in the world of web hosting. This is the best web hosting for small business. The lowest price in 1 & 1 starts at only $1.17 (€ 0.99). This company has three pricing plan for starters.
As a beginner, you can start your business with any one of these plans easily at very low cost.

a) 1&1 Basic Plan:

This plan is perfect for a dynamic website building project.

  • The basic will cost only $1.17/month.
  • In this plan, here is 2.5 GB ram included.
  • You can store up to 100 GB of files.
  • You can host only one website with 25 databases.
  • 500 email accounts.
  • 1 domain is free with this plan.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • 24/7 customer service.

b) 1&1 Plus Plan:

It is best for one or more bigger project.

  • The Plus package has slightly more cost than the Basic plan. It starts at $ 4.17/month only.
  • This plan will give up to 6 GB RAM.
  • It is more preferable as it has unlimited file storage service.
  • You can host unlimited websites at this plan.
  • It provides unlimited database and unlimited E-mail hosting facility.
  • 1 domain is completely free for 12 months with this plan.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • 24/7 excellent customer service.

c) 1&1 Pro:

This package is best for an online shop or resource-intensive web project.

  • The Pro plan has more facilities and features than the rest two. Additionally, it has a slightly more costly than the
  • previous two packages. This plan will cost $ 7.17/ month.
  • It provides up to 9 GB RAM.
  • It has unlimited file storage and website hosting facility.
  • You will get an unlimited database with unlimited E-mail hosting service.
  • 1 domain is totally free for 12 months with this plan.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service.
  • It provides site lock basic.
  • CDN with Railgun.

iPage Web Hosting

iPage has occupied the second position in giving discounts on web hosting. Hence they are also well known as a cheap web hosting provider. iPage is a very simple platform for buying a hosting plan. They have an easy interface.

iPage will help you grow your career online providing affordable packages for web hosting. They offer some of the best price packages in the industry. These offers have 30 days money-back guarantee. So you can relay and trust them.

  • The starting plan for a web hosting begins only at $1.99/month which gives you 75% save on regular price.
  • While purchasing a web hosting plan you will get a free domain.
  • You can host free unlimited domains on iPage server.
  • There are thousands of free templates available.
  • You can create unlimited free email addresses.
  • They will provide free drag and drop site building facility and free marketing tools.
  • You will get 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • The amazing gift for you is that they will give you $100 Google AdWords offer and $100 bing ad credit.
  • They have free site lock service and free WordPress building tools.
  • If you need any technical support, they are available 24/7 with experienced web hosting staff.

GoDaddy Web Hosting

GoDaddy has become one of the best web hosting provider companies nowadays. They have award-winning customer service which makes them more reliable than the other companies. They have tons of web hosting options from which you can easily pick your one. GoDaddy has 99.99% uptime even in case of a shared hosting plan which makes your website fast. Godaddy offers you to upgrade your hosting plan if you need it later.

World’s no 1 domain name register, Godaddy provides web hosting only at $2.99/month. They have three separate hosting packages which meet the criteria for an individual plan. These plans are designed on the basis of needs of the web site owner.

All the packages have some common features. These are –

  • Free 1 click installation of 125+ free apps including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.
  • 1 GB MySQL Linux database storage.
  • 1 click easy set up for domains registered in GoDaddy.
  • Easy and 1 click purchasing facility of additional resources like RAM, CPU, I/O, etc.
  • Easy to handle and flexible control panel
  • 24/7 continuous security monitoring including DDoS protection.

GoDaddy Economy Plan:

  • The economy package is a basic resource which will cost only $2.99 per month.
  • You can host one website.
  • This package has the unmetered bandwidth.
  • It will provide free Microsoft office 365 business emails.

GoDaddy Delux Plan:

  • This plan has more space and flexible for multiple websites with a limited purchase cost. It costs only $4.99 per month.
  • It provides unlimited website hosting and file storage facility.
  • It provides 1 free domain for 1 year fully free.
  • It gives unmetered bandwidth.
  • Free Microsoft office 365 business email.

GoDaddy Ultimate Plan:

  • The ultimate plan has more power and space. This is used to operate more websites with heavy traffic. But the cost is relatively low than the service. It costs only $7.99 per month. Is not it good?
  • It gives unlimited website hosting and file storage facility.
  • It has the unmetered bandwidth.
  • A free domain is included with this package for 1 year.
  • Free Microsoft office 365 business email.
  • Two times (2*) more power and memory for Linux and windows c panel.
  • Premium DNS and free SSL certificate are also included.

HostGator Web Hosting

From my experience, HostGator is the most popular and the best platform for purchasing cheap web hosting. Although it is cheap, it gives quality features for a successful website hosting. I highly recommend HostGator for cheap web hosting plans for a beginner.

HostGator has all the web hosting packages shared hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated web hosting plans. If you purchase a low budget shared hosting plan, later you can upgrade your plan as you need.

All the packages include these common features:

  • 24/7/365 US-based premium customer support.
  • Free HostGator website building tools which include over 100 templates which are also mobile-friendly.
  • Free transfer facility of websites, domains, MySQL, and scripts.
  • 45 days money-back guarantee which is much more than other companies.
  • Instant backups and 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • It provides $100 Google AdWords credit and $100 bing ad credit for all plans.
  • You can create unlimited subdomains and have unlimited FTP accounts with each package.
  • You can install all the necessary applications for website building through one click only.

The plans of HostGator shared web hosting is –

a). HostGator Hatchling Plan:

This is a perfect plan for beginners. It has more features than any other starter plans of other hosting providers.

  • This plan starts only $2.75 per month which gives you 60% off.
  • You can host a single domain only.
  • It gives unmetered bandwidth and disk storage.
  • Free site transfer facility and free website building tools.
  • Easy access to cPanel.

b). HostGator Baby Plan:

This plan is perfect for growing business websites that have increased traffic.

  • This starts with only $3.95 per month after 60% discount.
  • There is an unlimited domain hosting facility with unmetered bandwidth.
  • It has unmetered disk space and bandwidth.
  • Unlimited add-on or parked domain facility.
  • Free private SSL certificate

c). HostGator Business Plan:

This plan is suitable for high traffic websites like an e-commerce site.

  • It starts at $5.95 per month only having 60% off.
  • It has unlimited domain hosting and unmetered bandwidth and disk storage facility.
  • Free site transfer and website building tools.
  • A free positive SSL certificate.
  • The best feature is a free dedicated IP.
  • It gives free VoIP phone service.

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